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tamp Out Starvation of Horses, Inc. is a Georgia horse rescue and equine relief fund committed to improving the lives of horses across Georgia by keeping them safe, healthy and out of the horse slaughter pipeline.  Our multi-faceted program assists horse owners who have fallen on hard times by providing short-term financial assistance.  Additionally, we assist other Georgia HRU rescues with intake expenses, like vetting and feed.  

We consistently seek creative solutions to problems that negatively impact the equid population, including educational outreach programs, collaborating with other horse rescues to maximize our effectiveness, as well as promoting consistent and fair enforcement of equine welfare laws.  S.O.S. believes that it is necessary to look at the larger picture of horse rescue, making certain that we are not only saving lives, one horse at a time, but finding ways to reduce the unwanted and abused horse population long term.

When grant funds are available, SOS helps subsidize the veterinary fees for castration of stallions, to help make this important method of population control affordable.  Approved individuals are assisted with farrier care and vet bills, when necessary, including humane euthanasia for horses too ill to be rehabilitated. 

Our outreach programs include working with other Georgia rescues, networking to help owners re-home their horses when they can no longer care for them, subsidizing gelding of stallions and educating owners about healthy and safe horse care methods.

When we encounter situations of blatant negligence or abuse, we work to bring abusers to justice and enforce state and local equine and animal protection laws.

SOS is a 501c3 non-profit charity that hopes to Stamp Out Starvation of Horses in Georgia.

S.O.S. stands firmly against slaughterhttp://example.com