HRU - Horse Rescues United of Georgia

HRU is a group of 501c3 horse rescues in Georgia that have a proven track record as reputable, ethical organizations.  Each member must be approved by the rest of the group, and must be willing to operate under a high standard of ethics, collaboration and transparency.   

These rescues work cooperatively to maximize the intake potential for Georgia horses in need.  HRU has held fundraisers that place all the profit into a single account allocated to a specific purpose, such as gelding or horse blankets.  These funds are to be used as needed by any of the member rescues.   

When a single rescue receives news of an emergency requiring a horse to be taken in, they have immediate access to contact the other members of HRU.  One rescue may offer a place for the horse in their barn, another may provide transportation of the horse.  When funds are available, S.O.S. may offer financial assistance for vetting, gelding and hay/feed. 

S.O.S. is proud to be a member of this unique and well respected organization.  

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