Two very lucky horses were rehomed today. These horses were impounded by the Habersham County Animal Control, and transported to their new home in Cumming, Georgia by Doris Buckley at Stamp Out Starvation of Horses (SOS). I rode along because these are the moments that help me remember why we make the sacrifices we do for the sake of rescue.

The sorrel mare was used as the only mode of transportation for years by a man who rode with a poorly fitted saddle. When not being ridden in heavy traffic to places like WalMart or through drive-through restaurants, she was being tethered, and has scars around her pasterns to show for it.

When animal control officers found the mares, the sorrel had open sores up and down her spine, and fistulous withers that were oozing puss and had to be surgically debrided. The vet had to remove some of her back muscle and said that she will no longer be able to be ridden.

The smaller, white mare is pregnant by a stallion that was kept by the same man. Both impounded horses have a body score of about 2 - 2.5. These are horses that S.O.S. has been following and caring for off and on over 3 years. Their owner has previously been convicted on charges of cock fighting.

I am proud to announce that Habersham County Animal Control Officers charged both the man and his father with cruelty, which is now a felony.

Today, both horses were delivered into the loving care of Cheryl Flanagan and Save the Horses in Cumming, Georgia.

After a life of pain and bondage, these horses will now live the life that they deserve. ~Sue